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  • General Arrow

    • Buy the best condition Unimog that you can afford.
    • Decide on the features & equipment which you MUST have against those which are desirable. Whilst it is possible to add equipment to a basic Unimog the costs mount up. Make sure that the Unimog ticks as many boxes as possible.
    • Remember that some items such as front 3 point linkages are suitable for DIY fitting so can be bought some months or years after the initial Unimog purchase thereby spreading the cost.
    • The year, kms or hours are much less important than the history of the Unimog and the maintenance it has had.
    • Beware the “ebay bargain”! If buying a Unimog outside Atkinson Vos you should budget some money to carry out repairs & renovation.
    • Try to keep expectations realistic and don’t cram too much onto one vehicle otherwise you can end up with a vehicle which is jack of all trades but master of none. Our experience with these “all-singing-all-dancing” vehicles is that they cost a lot to build and rarely live up to expectations

    The flexible chassis which allows excellent off road performance and the portal axles which give good ground clearance whilst maintaining a low centre of gravity are cornerstones of Unimog design.

    All Unimogs are four wheel drive and have differential locks which can be engaged whilst driving and can be used throughout the speed range.

    One of the first decisions to make is which Unimog model range best suits your job.

  • U900/1100 Arrow

    Agricultural versions with PTOs and three point linkages command a price premium.  

    Double cab versions are rare and are much more desirable and expensive than single cab versions.


    Lots of character

    • Highly manouverable vehicle.
    • Practical enough to use regularly
    • 45mph cruising speed with standard axle ratio.
    • Lots of upgrade options available.
    • Excellent parts availability.
    • Values are increasing.


    • Gearbox is less robust than later models and can be expensive to repair.
    • Cabs suffer from rust and are more complicated to repair than later models.
    • Limited supply of vehicles in good condition.
    • Restoration of a vehicle in poor condition can be expensive.
    • Only 2 seats in single cab.

    Only left hand drive so not suitable for export to some countries.

  • Square Cab or SBU Models Arrow

    These are the most common Unimog models. They combine practicality with the iconic Unimog looks.

    Agricultural versions with PTOs and three point linkages command a price premium.

    Double cab versions are rare and are much more desirable and expensive than single cab versions.


    • Great value for money.
    • Good supply of vehicles in a broad range of price and specification.
    • Practical enough to use everyday.
    • 3 seats in single cab.
    • 55mph+ cruising speed with standard axle ratio.
    • Lots of upgrade options available.
    • 100% parts availability including many used & reconditioned parts.
    • Right or left hand drive available.
    • Minimal depreciation.


    • Less character than older models.
    • Restoration or repair of a vehicle in poor condition can be expensive
  • UGN models U300-500 Arrow

    These vehicles are becoming more available on the used market and depending on your intended use can offer great value for money. However agricultural versions are very rare & usually very expensive.


    • Good supply of vehicles.
    • More comfortable & refined in the cab than older models.
    • More suited to front mount equipment.
    • CANbus technology for control of implements & equipment.
    • Better for heavy towing than older models.
    • 56mph cruising speed.
    • Some upgrade options available.
    • Fibre-composite cab construction so no rust problems on cab.
    • 100% parts availability including used and reconditioned parts.
    • Right or left hand drive available.
    • Low depreciation.


    • Less character than older models.
    • Electronics make them less DIY friendly and less suitable for use in isolated areas where a workshop is not easily accessible.
    • Adding additional equipment to a basic Unimog is expensive.
    • Little interchangeability of parts and equipment/implements with older models.
  • Agriculture Arrow

    Consider the drawbar weight of any trailers you want to tow. As the Unimog is sprung all round it does not respond to a load imposing drawbar like a tractor. Careful loading of the trailer will improve matters but a Unimog will always tow better with a balanced trailer.

    If you intend to tow over 10000Kgs regularly then you will need to focus on the heavier duty Unimog series; SBU models U1300-2400 & UGN models U400 & U500.

    The Unimog engine revs more freely and the power is delivered differently to a tractor so they are much more suitable for use on the road.

    Typically a Unimog will use about 50% of the diesel used by a tractor of similar horsepower so the cost savings are significant.

    The three person cab means that you can legally carry 2 passengers in addition to the driver.

    A Unimog does not have the same wheel diameter or width as a tractor so ultimately traction on the land will not be in the same league as a tractor but all Unimogs have 4x4 with differential locks which often means that their hill climbing ability will surpass that of a tractor.

    Three point linkages, PTOs and hitches can usually be retrofitted to more basic Unimogs but it is often more cost effective to purchase a Unimog which has the majority of the equipment you need already fitted.

    It is not cost-effective to convert an ex-military Unimog to agricultural specification. 

  • Tree Surgery / Forestry Arrow

    Unimogs are a well proven tool in this industry.

    The long wheelbase models offer the greatest carrying capacity for wood chip but these are less common than the shorter wheelbase versions and there is a significant price premium for long wheelbase models in good condition.

    A Unimog is a fantastic advert for your business and you will gain custom simply by having the vehicle. It sets you apart from competitors who don’t have a Unimog and allows you to quote for work which you might not be able to do without one.

    We offer a fantastic range of accessories including chip boxes to fit standard Unimog bodies, full woodchip bodies as well as tool boxes and roof top boxes.

    Woodchippers and other equipment can be fitted to three point linkages and tow hitches to suit all types of trailers can be provided.

    The UGN (U300-500) models are much more suited to front mounted equipment than the older models.

    It is not cost-effective to convert an ex-military Unimog to tree surgery/forestry specification.

  • Industry Arrow

    The Unimog can fulfill many different roles in Industry. It’s versatility and the standard mounting systems for a variety of implements means that the same vehicle can be utilised for many different tasks offering an economical & flexible alternative to dedicated vehicles.

    -Dropside cargo carrier.


    -Equipment carrier to transport compressors, generators etc.

    -Crane truck.

    -Service/Lube truck.

    -Mobile office/education unit.

    -Access platform.

    -Towing vehicle with optional torque convertor for very heavy loads.

    -Road Rail vehicle in many different configurations.

    -Mobile power unit for PTO or hydraulically driven equipment.

    -Winter service vehicle.


    The long wheelbase Unimogs are particularly suited for use in industry.

    Square cab models (SBU & UHN) offer:

    • Wheelbase of 3250 or 3800mm
    • Payload of 3000kg - 6000kg

    UGN models offer:

    • Wheelbase of 3080 to 3900mm
    • Payload of 3000kg - 8000kg.

    The ex-military U1300L long wheel base models are some of the most popular Unimogs for industrial use. They are readily available and offer great value for money. The quality is consistently high & there is much less variation in equipment, condition and previous use when compared to civilian models. This makes it possible to have a fleet of identical vehicles which has many advantages for parts supply, servicing and when several drivers might drive the Unimogs.

    A typical U1300L will be:

    • Left hand drive.
    • Low kms (usually less than 50000kms).
    • Virtually rust free condition.
    • Very well maintained.
    • In excellent mechanical condition.
    • Year 1981-1988.

    The features which make the U1300L particularly suitable for industrial use include:

    • Long wheelbase & 3200mm rear body length.
    • Torsion free subframe fitted as standard which provides an ideal basis for many body types.
    • Simple mechanical specification without unnecessary accessories such as PTOs which are often found on civilian Unimogs.
    • Flexible chassis design makes these models the best Unimogs off road.
    • Suitable for many upgrades to performance, driver comfort and practicality.
    • No electronics so very simple to repair in the field.

    Other long wheelbase models such as the U1550L37, U1700L/U1750 and U4000 & U5000 also make a good base vehicle.

  • Cranes Arrow

    Cranes can be mounted behind the cab or at the rear of the Unimog. A rear mounted crane making loading a trailer behind the Unimog more straightforward but is less stable when driving.

    Unimogs can be fitted with a wide range of cranes and we can manufacture a subframe to suit any model. A simpler (and cheaper) subframe can be used on the UGN Unimogs.

    It is possible to make a demountable subframe so that the crane can be removed when not required but this will be more costly than a fixed subframe.

    It is important to consider that a large crane can take up a good part of the Unimogs payload reducing its ability to carry anything else.

    The heavier unladen weight and higher center of gravity of a Unimog fitted with a crane mean that stability on the road and off road performance can be adversely affected. Heavier duty suspension coupled with wider rims and tyres can alleviate these problems.

  • Buying from Atkinson Vos Arrow

    We supply Unimogs of all ages in a broad range of prices and every Unimog is different. We offer a number of buying options depending on your budget & your expectations.

    We welcome independent inspections of any of our vehicles by prior arrangement.

  • Insurance Arrow

    It is a commonly held misconception that you can save money on insurance by declaring a lower value for the Unimog.

    We strongly encourage all Unimog owners to check that their Unimog is adequately insured.

    The Unimog should be insured for its full replacement value rather than the purchase price. This is especially pertinent for older Unimogs where the supply is decreasing and prices are rising.

    This insurance valuation include:

    -Purchase price of the Unimog.

    -Additions such as hitches, linkages etc.

    -Refurbishment such as cab repairs (but not repairs & maintenance).

    -Lighting & signwriting etc.

    We are happy to provide written valuations for insurance purposes upon request.

    In the unfortunate event of a claim having the Unimog under-insured can lead to a vehicle being written off and the payout being inadequate to replace the vehicle with something of equivalent quality & specification.

    We are authorised repairers for many insurance companies and we are ready to assist you in the event of a claim.

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What Our Customers Say

I couldn't recommend Simon and the team highly enough, they sorted all transportation and took all the stress out of the situation. A1 service guys, thank you

Nick & Martin

Apex Tree Surgeons

"Atkinson Vos know what they are talking about and offer great advice whenever you need it. They are always ready to help at the end of a phone line too."

Gerard Bredenoord

"Brilliant company to deal with and a really helpful group of people who know what they are talking about."

Ben Mauger

"First contact with Atkinson Vos became a success, smooth ordering parts, great prices, great support. Fully satisfied customer from Sweden."

Lars-Erik Bammis Ohlsson

When I bought my U1000 “Rustbucket” , Simon gave me a fair & frank appraisal of its condition. The mog was cleaned and shipped professionally with no issues upon landing here in Australia. Since then, AV has provided me with excellent spares support and the occasional bit of advice. Posting was always prompt and economical via Royal Mail – this has taken a lot of the pain out of restoration. Highly recommended.


Atkinson Vos not only supplied my Unimog some years ago but they have been ever present when I needed any advice or assistance. My Unimog recently underwent a full refurbishment in their workshop and I have to say the result has been nothing short of superb. My Moggy is not only in great mechanical shape but it looks great too. Top marks Atkinson Vos.

James Mc Donnell, Ireland

Whenever I drive my MOG on to their yard, I have a feeling of excitement about the opportunities for upgrade and improvement that Atkinson Vos offers. Anything is possible, and everything is done to a very high standard!. Atkinson Vos prepared my Unimog to an excellent standard. Their aftersales service is great too.


Hi Simon, The shims arrived last week. My unimog is now running perfectly! Thank you a lot for the excellent service, I really appreciate it!

Casper Hanekamp

We have been using Atkinson Vos for a number of years now, they have carried out some upgrades and all servicing and repairs, their staff are friendly and always willing to help. The workshop guys always offer advice and easy fix solutions over the phone and on the odd occasion visited our workshop to view and inspect the vehicle. I would not hesitate to recommend the company, Thanks to all the staff.

Chris Brayne

Super Rod Ltd

I have waited many years to start my expedition RV project and the team at Atkinson Vos has helped to bring this to fruition. Appreciated the quick responses to the myriad of questions I had additionally the support from build to delivery state side. Many thanks to the entire team at AV.

Mike Greenberg

"We have always prided ourselves with finding the best qualified people available, be they doctors, lawyers, engineers, or whomever. We applied the same process to finding our dream Mog Expedition Camper and have not been disappointed with Atkinson Vos. Paul and Emma both have done superb jobs answering our many questions and leading us through the purchasing / export / import process. Based on their performance to date, we are confident Atkinson Vos support will be there in the future where ever our travels may take us.”

Mary & J R Argo

"Atkinson Vos are the absolute experts on UNIMOGS in my opinion. They offer wonderful advice apart from sourcing spares and thereby make things so much easier" "I would go to them rather than any German supplier for my UNIMOGS. All put together, it's the best package deal." "Simon and Frank are passionate in what they do and men of their word. That's what I think sets them apart. They have literally turned me into a Unimog addict."

Solomon Benjamin

"We first met with with Atkinson Vos at the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford-upon-Avon. Frank and Paul had really impressed us as hosts and as a result we were determined to travel to the headquarters in Bentham. After a smooth discussion with Simon and Frank, we were certain that we found the partner to upgrade our Unimog. Two weeks later work had already started! We have too many kind words for Simon, Emma, Paul, Mark and the rest of the team to fit in this testimonial! Their knowledge and expertise in Unimogs made us feel assured. We were helped and cared for throughout the whole process, They are a phenomenal team, and we enjoyed the time we spend with them, Thanks guys! Souren and Kati"

Souren and Kati

"The inspection of my Unimog was executed thoroughly and the itemized repair quote was reasonable. In short my Unimog is a testament to the fantastic work delivered by Atkinson Vos. This is a compliment coming from someone who appreciates quality work and has an eye for detail."

Joe Dos Santos

After taking on bigger tree work as my business grew, I knew I needed a Unimog. After doing my research on different commercial vehicles sold in the UK i found Atkinson Vos and I felt I was in good hands. The quality of service, care and reliability from Simon and his team has been a really good experience. The team have built my Unimog to the exact spec of what I needed. I'm over the moon with it. I'm getting lots of feedback from customers and passers by that are impressed by the green machine. I would highly recommend Atkinson Vos to anyone that specialises in Arboriculture.

Jon Welfare

All Seasons Tree Care

“Thank you for sorting out the Unimog parts. Well chuffed at the minimal corrosion and the quality of the bits. Thank the boys from the workshop for me. They were brilliant helping us load up. “

Tim Richardson

County Construction & Development

"Mark has done a fantastic job and in poor weather conditions too, he resolved an unexpected pump failure and replaced it in time for us to use the Unimog almost immediately after he finished. Our unimog has been on some high profile jobs since Mark left and has impressed all who have seen it in action"


Forth Logistics

"As a company owner Great British sports cars in the automotive sector, I know how important it is to have a team that offers great customer service but also has the depth of technical knowledge of their products, this has been especially helpful with a personal project of mine restoring an 1969 Unimog 416 were finding people that really know there stuff has been invaluable."

Richard Hall

Great British Sports Cars

We own an expedition camper, built on a 1990 Mercedes Benz 4WD truck. While the mileage was low, we were worried about parts that might have suffered from age. Atkinson Vos gave the truck a comprehensive survey and then performed a week’s worth of repairs and upgrades. The result is like having a new truck. Wonderful to work with people who really understand this type of vehicle. Our highest recommendation.


Emma and Paul, Just a quick message to let you know the Mog was delivered on time and very professionally this morning. Thank you for arranging the transport quickly after our haulier let us down a couple of times. I hope to use Atkinson Vos again in the future as the Mog has exceeded all expectations, the paint finish, and the overall cleanliness of the machine is second to none. Many thanks again to both of you for a smooth sale and for keeping us updated throughout the process.

Bradley Moncrieff

Landpro Contractors Ltd

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Turning Circle(m) 13.7 - 15.4 14 - 15.7 15 - 16.8 14.3 14.3 - 16.2 14.4 - 16.2
Ground Clearance(mm) 337 382 441 434 420 476
Length(mm) 5100 - 5620 5100 - 5620 5390 - 6175 5410 - 6010 5410 - 6010 5410 - 6010
Width(mm) 2300 2300 2400 2300 2400 2500
Height(mm) 2858 2893 2956 2662 2650 2700
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