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Mogs out on a Photoshoot

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

We had the pleasure of Dave Willis coming to Atkinson Vos this month to take some of our Unimogs out on a photoshoot.

Dave has been a professional outdoor sports photographer since 1990 when he started Mountain Sport Photography.

Dave has taken this picture which will be used for our newly re branded website which will be hitting your computer screens later this year.

As you may have seen we have rebranded ourselves here at Atkinson Vos with our new logo.

Let us know what you think of our new logo.

Hillhead Event

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

Atkinson Vos attended the Hillhead 2016 quarrying, construction and recycling event from 28th -30th June.

We shared a stand with Mitas tyres who were showcasing a selection of tyres from their wide range.

We took along a U1300L which we had wrapped in an eye-catching Mitas livery. It grabbed people’s attention and numerous photos were taken alongside our Mog.

If you attended the event yourself and took a picture of our stunning Unimog then please do share the pictures with us.

In our Workshop

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

Apex Tree surgery - contacted us here at Atkinson Vos complaining about a lack of power with their Unimog.

We took a methodical approach to solving the problem.

Our comprehensive inspection identified some simple things which immediately improved how the Unimog drove.

A test on our dynamometer showed that the Unimog was slightly down on power so after consultation with the owner we fitted a recalibrated injection pump and injectors to bring the power to 165HP compared to the standard 120HP

Apex also asked us to fit a front winch and we were able to part exchange the front linkage to help keep costs down.

With a complete service and some running repairs the Mog is now ready for some hard work.

Green Scene - Green Scene bought their Unimog last year. It was a little sorry for itself but the new owners were keen to improve it and turn it into a reliable vehicle for their business.

We carried out some mechanical repairs and this month the Unimog returned to us for some cosmetic attention.

The x-frame was very worn so it has been replaced by a good condition used x-frame.

The cab was very rusty and after reviewing the options the owners decided that a replacement cab was in order.

Alan Thomson - This Unimog came to us for some cab repairs, we also rectified defects with the Mog and fitted a rear tipping body.

Soon this Unimog will be resplendent in a fresh coat of blue paint.

Tree Fellers - Tree Fellers U1650 came into the workshop this month and we fitted it with a new Aluminium tank, we replaced the fuel lines and installed a new AV grille bonnet and bulge.

Next Stop Maine for Earl Moores U1300L

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

We carried out minor repairs to this Unimog and gave it a full service and a new set of larger diameter tyres before giving it a nice new lick of paint.

It was then sent off to be shipped to Maine, USA where Earl will be using the Mog for hunting and general fetching and carrying.

We always have similar Unimogs in stock which can be prepared to your spec and shipped to your location.

Jason Milsons U1000

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

Jason Milson brought his U1000 to us after many years of use the cab had seen better days.

Here you can see Jasons Mog with a shiny new replacement cab. We also carried out a few repairs to this Mog and gave it a bit of tlc.

Jason put his Mog straight back to work and earning money for his business.

It's always nice to see a Unimog get a new lease of life and get back to work.

Waving Goodbye to the U404

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

We waved goodbye to this beautiful U404 this month, it was being transported back to its owner Michael.

We had done a complete overhaul of this Unimog, as parts for a U404 are not widely available our guys in the workshop had to adapt and fabricate brackets and adapt parts from a U900 to complete this project.

It took a lot of imagination and innovation to get this complete, we had fitted a new fuel system, exhaust and brakes.

The engine was completely connected back up, new lights fitted and electrics.

We were very proud of the end result to this Unimog and Michael was rather pleased with the outcome and was eager to get it back home and start enjoying driving it in the glorious UK summer weather.

U1300L off Globetrotting.

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

Clare Farah and husband Sam are experienced overland travellers with several trips on motorcycles under their belts.

They wanted a vehicle which offered sufficient space to live in long term but didn’t want something as large as a standard lorry.

After a consultation with Simon they visited us and were happy that the U1300L was the right model for them.

We hand-picked a particularly clean, low kms example for them.

With a service and some larger tyres the Mog is ready for its new and exciting life globetrotting.

DOKA Update

Posted on 11/07/2016 by Paul Harris

Regular readers will no doubt recognize this beauty.

Our epic U1100 DOKA project is now complete.

We are thrilled with the outcome and we are sure that the new owner in Boston, USA will be too.

He contacted us with a "wish-list" for his perfect Unimog and we worked through lots of options to achieve exactly what he wanted; even down to the Unimog badge on the tailgate!

It’s impossible to list everything we have done to the Mog but in summary:

-Strip down to bare chassis
-Chassis blasted and powder coated.
-Cab completely restored with new panels and fabricated floor.
-Reconditioned engine with recalibrated injection.
-Turbo conversion kit
-50mm cab lift
-New rear body
-Fast ratio crownwheel & pinions.
-All components stripped and repaired/replaced/upgraded before being refitted to the vehicle.

We have a similar U1100 DOKA in build at the moment. If you can see yourself driving an incredible vehicle like this please contact us to reserve it.

The Big Day

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

Our Operations Manager Emma got married recently to Sean; her partner of 14 years.

As Unimogs have been a big part of her life for a number of years she wanted to have some appropriate transport for her big day and we were happy to oblige.

Emma’s daughter Charlotte did a great job as Flower Girl and Frank managed to avoid getting oily long enough to act as chauffeur for the day.

As you can see from the photos she looked absolutely lovely - and Em didn’t scrub up too badly either! Seriously though Em Looked radiant, kept smiling and exuded calmness throughout the day.

The Unimog attracted lots of attention especially from the kids who loved the big wheels!

Ed Carpenters U500

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

Ed Carpenter purchased this U500 for use in his forestry and groundworks business, with Ed being in the forestry industry for 20 years he decided it was time for a change.

Ed has always wanted a Unimog since he was 8 years old and today his dreams came true of owning one, not only that the Mog will help Ed in his business immensely as it ticks all the boxes of his work and more.

The Mog will be towing a low loader trailer carrying plant & equipment, the Mog will be used for environmental work on rivers and other various jobs.

You will see this beautiful looking Mog working on the marinas on the Thames in the coming weeks so make sure you keep an eye out for it.

We manufactured a fantastic chipbox which can be removed from the standard body when not required.

It incorporates a large toolbox along one side, top hung door for side tipping and double barn doors at the rear as well as a flap in the headboard for a front mounted chipper.

The design of the box mirrors the Unimog cab design with a smooth curve to the roof and the swage line of the cab continues into the body.

We also added a very heavy duty front linkage suitable for a crane fed chipper or mulcher and a fixed tow hitch for Ed’s new plant trailer which is finished in the same striking colour scheme as the Mog.

Super Fast Cruising Axle Ratio

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

We have developed a "super-fast" crown wheel & pinion to suit most Unimogs with 6 bolt axles.

They can be fitted into standard axle casings without modification and original Mercedes seals & bearings are used upon assembly.

The 24:11 ratio gives a 17% gain on the Mercedes "fast" ratio and a massive 44% increase on the standard crown wheel & pinion ratio.

The benefits include:

-More relaxed cruising.
-Reduction in engine revs at same cruising speed.
-Reduction in noise levels.
-Reduction in fuel consumption.
-Increased range.
-Improved usability
-Increased re-sale value.

A higher top speed is also possible where conditions allow for this to be safely achieved.

A further advantage over buying new crown wheels & pinions from Mercedes is that the "diff casing" does not need to be changed. This costs over £1500+VAT in addition to the costs for the Crown wheel & pinions.

The crown wheels & pinions are made in Europe to top standards by a manufacturer who specialises in truck differentials & gears.

Full assembly & setting up instructions are provided.

For suitability please contact us with your Unimog chassis number and axle numbers.

£1950+VAT for one Unimog set (2 crown wheels & 2 pinions).

Looking Back

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

Our first Sponsorship deal

Back in 1993 we prepared this vehicle for a specialist company who organised off road ‘fun’ days.

This is a clever scheme whereby people pay you for the privilege of wrecking their vehicles on your off road course!

The mog was ideal as a support vehicle.

With its tractor tyres and PTO winch it could get anywhere needed to recover any of the 4x4’s which were stuck or upside down.

At the time our company was still called Africa Link - our core business was with Africa - so we sold Unimogs under my name.

We traded it back in in 1997 - but have lost track of it since then...anybody seen it?

Southern Africa Mining Project

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

We are extremely happy to be working with one of our existing customers again who are one of the largest mining companies in Southern Africa.

We had supplied 7x Unimogs to them last year, and they have returned to us this year increasing their order to 10 Unimogs.

We will be preparing the vehicles to a top standard to withstand the rigours of life in an open cast mine.

As these Unimogs were ex-military we are currently in the process of demilitarising these vehicles. This process includes removal of the gun turret and special military lighting.

Some popular African spec upgrades will be added which include Heavy Duty radiator, extra fuel filter with water trap, and simplification of air system to improve reliability and make maintenance more straightforward.

We will be carrying out a comprehensive service all defective parts on the Unimog will be replaced and a new floor in the rear body fitted to all.

Matching Michelin tyres will be fitted to all of the Unimogs to make them uniform.

Finally the Unimogs will be given a good quality full repaint including chassis, wheels this will be in our customers’ corporate livery.

We will arrange shipping and all necessary paperwork such as export inspections, customs entry.

Also in the workshop at the moment

U1000 - Jason Milson brought his U1000 to us after many years of use the cab had seen better days.

Here you can see Dan lifting the shiny new cab onto the Mog giving it a fresh look and a new lease of life.

We have also carried out a few repairs to this Mog and have given it a bit of TLC.

U900 - This U900 came in for an AV inspection.

We will be giving this mog a full refurb, inspecting to see what repairs it may need and bringing it back to life.

416 DOKA Update - Finally the awaited update on our on-going project the DOKA 416 double cab bound for the USA.

We are in the process of refitting the cab now and this project is near to completion and I hope you will agree that it is a beauty.

U900 New Canvas

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

This early model "F" type U900 from 1966 came in from one of our customers Neil.

Neil has owned this Unimog for quite a few years now and decided to bring it in for a little TLC.

We fitted a replacement cab several years ago and Neil returned the Mog to us recently for a check over and some brake repairs as well as a fresh canvas top to keep his head dry.

Neil was very happy to have his Unimog back and driving it home was a trip down memory lane for him.

U1200 On It's Way Back To County Leitrim

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

Jim McDonnell bought this U1200 from us back in 2011.

He uses it to access a property on an Island in the River Shannon so he makes full use of the excellent wading capabilities!

The Unimog has given Jim reliable service excepting a few starter motor issues caused by the damp.

We gave this Unimog a full service and what we like to call a "birthday treat".

Here we are loading it up and waving it goodbye on its safe journey back to Jim.

U1750L at the Picturesque Loch Cluanie

Posted on 09/06/2016 by

Stuart MacLeod brought this Unimog U1750 fitted with a large HIAB looking & feeling rather sorry for itself.

We gave the Mog a thorough mechanical overhaul and fitted a new hydraulic winch and front PTO shaft at the request of the owner.

A new aluminium rear body with integrated toolbox was designed to the owner’s specification.

We carried out extensive repairs to the cab and finished off the project with a fresh coat of paint.

The Unimog has undergone a massive transformation from a tired workhorse to a smart, professional looking vehicle.

You will now see it driving around North Scotland working hard for the owners forestry business.

Stuart sent some photos across to ourselves where on the way home he had stopped at Loch Cluanie in Cluanie and I hope you agree how beautiful it looks, the scenery isn’t bad either.


Posted on 13/05/2016 by SIMON

We hope that you like the new logo at the top of this page as much as we do!

We made the decision to update our logo & branding to better reflect the personality of our business and the tough, unconventional characteristics of the Unimog.

The Bull icon incorporates the A and V of Atkinson Vos and picks up on the iconic Bulls Head logo of the very first Unimogs.

Our crack team of computer geeks are also working on an even better website for us which will be much more responsive on smartphones & tablets than the current site.


Posted on 13/05/2016 by SIMON

The 416 DOKA build is making progress, we’ve neatly installed a 6800kg hydraulic winch inside the rear chassis rails and Kris has been painstakingly refurbishing the instruments and other interior fittings.

We’re also putting the finishing touches to a U404 project. The electrics were non-existent so we fabricated a wiring loom to suit.

The London Transport Museum have asked us to recommission these Unimog road-railers for use as shunters in the museum’s storage yard in West London. Incredible to think that a small Unimog with only 100HP will pull (and more importantly stop!) a 300 ton train!

We supplied this U1300L camper last year to Damon Spearpoint. Damon asked us to check over and service the Mog before putting a fresh MOT on it so it’s ready for it’s next adventure.

We also have a U300 here for repairs and a refresh before it has an MOT test. The ex-utility Unimog was bought from auction with a number of issues which the owners had been unable to get sorted locally. We soon managed to get to the bottom of the problems and the Unimog should now give good, reliable service.

Neil Catlow has owned his U1000 from new and it is used in his Geo-technical business. The Unimog has been well maintained but the cab had suffered the ravages of time. We totally refurbished the cab with lots of new panels and fitted a new rear body and sides, all topped off with a repaint in the original colour.


Posted on 26/04/2016 by Simon

Next stop Maine for this U1300L. Ship’s Captain Earl Moore visited us earlier in the year and fell in love with this ex-military Unimog.

We’ve added fast axles, turbo conversion and 395/85R20 Michelin tyres. Our paintshop are currently refinishing the Unimog in original Mercedes green.

We’ll then load the Unimog into a container for shipment to the USA where Earl will be using the Mog for hunting and general fetching & carrying.

We always have similar Unimogs in stock which can be prepared to your spec and shipped to your location.


Posted on 26/04/2016 by Simo

Seb Hodge of Seb’s Arb Services of Northamptonshire tasked us with reconfiguring his Unimog U1000 which he bought from us 2 years ago. Having completed a full refurbishment of his other Unimog last year he knew that the job was in safe hands.

We added a rear three point linkage to mount a timber crane and provided a removable stowage bracket for the grab. We also recalibrated the injection pump to provide 200HP and added a turbo – A great leap forward from the normally aspirated 130HP which the Unimog had when it arrived.

It is now known locally as the “Flying Mog” and will crest hills in top gear where previously a change down to 6th had been necessary. Power upgrades for all Unimogs are available – please email or call us for more details.


Posted on 26/04/2016 by Simon

Occasionally we like to wallow in some nostalgia here at AV. Even in the 70s did anybody really think that the U900 cab was (and I quote) "A comfortable and well designed work place" with a "well upholstered and body contoured drivers seat"?! Although when you consider that you were lucky to get a cab on many tractors the Unimog was a giant leap forward. It’s great fun to look through these old brochures - I wish we could find Unimogs in the same condition as in the photos!


Posted on 26/04/2016 by Simon

We prepared this ex-Airport Unimog U400 for our longstanding customer John Packer. John bought his first Unimog (a U1200) from us in 2005. Despite having been trampled by a horse and suffering a broken pelvis a few weeks earlier John was determined to drive the U400 home to Oxfordshire.
We fitted a 4 spool hydraulic system, a front PTO and an AV heavy duty front linkage. At the rear we added an AV pick-up hitch as well as an x-frame, 3 way tipper ram and rear body.
John was thrilled with the results and the Unimog was working the very next day.


Posted on 26/04/2016 by Simon

Orders for spare parts have been heading off from AV headquarters to all parts of the world. Some recent shipments have included:

-Fast axles and brake parts to California
-Maintenance parts for a charity in South Sudan,
-U900 restoration parts to Malaysia
-Overdrive and dashboard parts to Florida
-Body panels, springs & tow bars to Eastern Europe.
-Heavy duty tow hitch to Spain.

We can ship parts anywhere in the world and can supply parts for all Unimogs from the 1950s to current models.


Posted on 26/04/2016 by Simon

This U1750L38 has been sold to William Hudson who is the UK agent for CombCut. The 4m long body makes this Unimog ideal for transportation of the machines, while the large tyres allow a 56mph cruising speed.

The AV heavy duty front linkage & PTO will be used demonstrations of the CombCut selective weedcutter. See www.justcommonsense.eu.for more information.

William collected the Unimog from us and headed back home to Norfolk via Newcastle to collect a demonstration machine!

Having owned a couple of Unimogs in the past and regretted parting with them William is now trying to convince his wife that they need a U900 to use around the farm!


Posted on 26/04/2016 by Simon

We sold this lovely ex-German council U1400 to a long standing customer Joe Welbon from Aberdeenshire. It replaces a 1980s U1200 which had an argument with a speeding 4x4.

The Mog is to be used for crop spraying with equipment mounted on the x-frame and on the AV heavy duty front linkage. We also fitted working gears to allow the Unimog to maintain the optimum ground speed with the PTO running.

Joe and his employees are thrilled with the new Unimog which is already earning its keep.

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