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A fantastic factory DOKA professionally converted to a full convertible.

Only 33000 original kms.

A real one-off truck. Ready to use & enjoy immediately.

In excellent mechanical condition.

The Unimog is rust free including the cab which is the best of its type we have seen.

We recently carried out a turbo conversion and injection pump upgrade giving this little Mog 180HP.

The gearbox is the original 6 speed torque convertor type (so you can pull a Boeing 747 if you like!) and shifts well.

The drum brakes are very effective.

Excellent Continental 405/70R20 AC70 tyres including spare wheel.

Reluctant sale by owner due to 2 other Unimogs testing the patience of his very understanding wife!

Great value taking into account the difficulty of finding a good base vehicle plus restoration & upgrade costs.


HP : 180

Indicated KMs : 33321

Length : 4100mm

Width : 2040mm

Tyres : 405/70R20 Continental AC70G 80%


Commercial tow hitch : included

Trailer air braking : included

We can supply & fit a wide range of optional extras, upgrades & accessories to this vehicle.

Some popular extras for this Unimog include:

Fast ratio axle gearing

Multipurpose tyres

Soundproofing/Cab trim kit

Full repaint in your choice of colour

We have a network of truckers in the UK so can arrange delivery within the UK at sensible prices.

We export all over the world on a regular basis. We can export using the roll-on roll-off procedure or by using secure containers either partially or fully filled. Just tell us where your nearest port is and we'll get back to you with a competitive quote.

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Operating for 36 Years

Operating for36 Years

Exported to 150 Countries

Exported to150 Countries

Exceptional Service


13,000 Customers


What Our Customers Say

I couldn't recommend Simon and the team highly enough, they sorted all transportation and took all the stress out of the situation. A1 service guys, thank you

Nick & Martin

Apex Tree Surgeons

"Atkinson Vos know what they are talking about and offer great advice whenever you need it. They are always ready to help at the end of a phone line too."

Gerard Bredenoord

"Brilliant company to deal with and a really helpful group of people who know what they are talking about."

Ben Mauger

"First contact with Atkinson Vos became a success, smooth ordering parts, great prices, great support. Fully satisfied customer from Sweden."

Lars-Erik Bammis Ohlsson

When I bought my U1000 “Rustbucket” , Simon gave me a fair & frank appraisal of its condition. The mog was cleaned and shipped professionally with no issues upon landing here in Australia. Since then, AV has provided me with excellent spares support and the occasional bit of advice. Posting was always prompt and economical via Royal Mail – this has taken a lot of the pain out of restoration. Highly recommended.


Atkinson Vos not only supplied my Unimog some years ago but they have been ever present when I needed any advice or assistance. My Unimog recently underwent a full refurbishment in their workshop and I have to say the result has been nothing short of superb. My Moggy is not only in great mechanical shape but it looks great too. Top marks Atkinson Vos.

James Mc Donnell, Ireland

Whenever I drive my MOG on to their yard, I have a feeling of excitement about the opportunities for upgrade and improvement that Atkinson Vos offers. Anything is possible, and everything is done to a very high standard!. Atkinson Vos prepared my Unimog to an excellent standard. Their aftersales service is great too.


Hi Simon, The shims arrived last week. My unimog is now running perfectly! Thank you a lot for the excellent service, I really appreciate it!

Casper Hanekamp

We have been using Atkinson Vos for a number of years now, they have carried out some upgrades and all servicing and repairs, their staff are friendly and always willing to help. The workshop guys always offer advice and easy fix solutions over the phone and on the odd occasion visited our workshop to view and inspect the vehicle. I would not hesitate to recommend the company, Thanks to all the staff.

Chris Brayne

Super Rod Ltd

I have waited many years to start my expedition RV project and the team at Atkinson Vos has helped to bring this to fruition. Appreciated the quick responses to the myriad of questions I had additionally the support from build to delivery state side. Many thanks to the entire team at AV.

Mike Greenberg

"We have always prided ourselves with finding the best qualified people available, be they doctors, lawyers, engineers, or whomever. We applied the same process to finding our dream Mog Expedition Camper and have not been disappointed with Atkinson Vos. Paul and Emma both have done superb jobs answering our many questions and leading us through the purchasing / export / import process. Based on their performance to date, we are confident Atkinson Vos support will be there in the future where ever our travels may take us.”

Mary & J R Argo

"Atkinson Vos are the absolute experts on UNIMOGS in my opinion. They offer wonderful advice apart from sourcing spares and thereby make things so much easier" "I would go to them rather than any German supplier for my UNIMOGS. All put together, it's the best package deal." "Simon and Frank are passionate in what they do and men of their word. That's what I think sets them apart. They have literally turned me into a Unimog addict."

Solomon Benjamin

Paul, Simon, Mark and the team, we just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all. What a firm, we couldn't recommend you highly enough, from the friendliness, the efficiency and the quality of the overall product, absolutely 1st class. We will be looking forward to working with you again on future projects. Thank you all again, all the best Danny and Nobby.

Danny & Nobby

"We first met with with Atkinson Vos at the Adventure Overland Show in Stratford-upon-Avon. Frank and Paul had really impressed us as hosts and as a result we were determined to travel to the headquarters in Bentham. After a smooth discussion with Simon and Frank, we were certain that we found the partner to upgrade our Unimog. Two weeks later work had already started! We have too many kind words for Simon, Emma, Paul, Mark and the rest of the team to fit in this testimonial! Their knowledge and expertise in Unimogs made us feel assured. We were helped and cared for throughout the whole process, They are a phenomenal team, and we enjoyed the time we spend with them, Thanks guys! Souren and Kati"

Souren and Kati

"The inspection of my Unimog was executed thoroughly and the itemized repair quote was reasonable. In short my Unimog is a testament to the fantastic work delivered by Atkinson Vos. This is a compliment coming from someone who appreciates quality work and has an eye for detail."

Joe Dos Santos

After taking on bigger tree work as my business grew, I knew I needed a Unimog. After doing my research on different commercial vehicles sold in the UK i found Atkinson Vos and I felt I was in good hands. The quality of service, care and reliability from Simon and his team has been a really good experience. The team have built my Unimog to the exact spec of what I needed. I'm over the moon with it. I'm getting lots of feedback from customers and passers by that are impressed by the green machine. I would highly recommend Atkinson Vos to anyone that specialises in Arboriculture.

Jon Welfare

All Seasons Tree Care

“Thank you for sorting out the Unimog parts. Well chuffed at the minimal corrosion and the quality of the bits. Thank the boys from the workshop for me. They were brilliant helping us load up. “

Tim Richardson

County Construction & Development

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Width(mm) 2040 2040 2100 2170 2340 2340 2100 2170 2340 2300 2300 2300
Height(mm) 2340 2340 2620 2655 2650 2650 2620 2655 2650 2620 2620 2620
Wheel Base(mm) 2250 2900 2650 2650 2810 2810 3250 3250 3250 3250 3700 3250
Rear Body W (m) 1.89 Various 1.89 1.89 2.14 2.14 2.1 2.1 2.2 2.2 Various Various
Rear Body L (m) 1.95 Various 1.95 1.95 2.32 2.32 2.9 2.9 3.0 3.2 Various Various
Body (cubic m) 6.4 Various 6.4 6.4 7.8 7.8 9.75 9.75 10.6 - Various Various

[1] After c.1989 OM352 replaced by OM366
[2] Dependent on options fitted
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