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Global Freight Services


Shipping of Unimogs

We offer a comprehensive global shipping service and work hard to get you the best available rates (whether for a 40ft container or a small parcel).

Unimogs can be shipped in a container or on a Roll-on Roll-off (ro-ro) vessel.

We prefer to ship Unimogs in containers. We carefully load each Unimog here at our premises. There are many more container ports than ro-ro ports in the world. Container shipping is usually cheaper than ro-ro. It is much more secure and the cargo is less susceptible to damage and theft especially of loose parts or spare wheels. A standard Unimog will fit inside a container although some dismantling may be required e.g. removal of wheels & mudguards.

We often combine shipping a Unimog with shipping parts for other Unimog owners and this helps to reduce the cost for everyone.

Ro-Ro is the best shipping method for Unimogs such as campers which will not fit into a container. Costs are calculated by cubic metre (length x height x width) of a vehicle.

We can arrange all necessary inspections such as a FERA certificate of cleanliness (mandatory for USA, Canada, Australia & others) and JEVIC (necessary for many African countries).

In all cases we take care of loading your Unimog, UK haulage, customs entry etc. Bills of lading and all other necessary documents are sent to you by courier. These will be included in any shipping quote you receive from us.

There are direct sailings from the UK to many ports across the world.

Transit times vary from 15 days to East Coast USA, 25 days to the West Coast and 32 days to ports in Australia.

The buyer is responsible for local port charges, and import duty. The rates of duty payable vary between countries and will depend on how the Unimog is registered in the UK and classified for shipment. We highly recommend contacting a shipping agent at your chosen port of entry who will be able to advise you on these costs as we are unable to give specific advice on rates of duty for every country.

We will provide all necessary paperwork to enable registration of your Unimog in your home country.

Shipping rates vary over time as do currency exchange rates. Please note that as we are a UK company we quote in £s (GBP). Go to www.xe.com for current exchange rates. For sales outside Europe UK VAT (sales tax) does not apply.



Shipping of Spare Parts

We ship Unimog spare parts & accessories all over the world.

For smaller parts up to 30Kg we use couriers. Delivery to most locations is possible in 3-5 days.

For larger and heavier parts we can arrange economical transport by sea. Seafreight is calculated in multiples of 1 cubic metre (which is the minimum). This is often referred to as LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping.

All parts are carefully packed to avoid damage. We manufacture bespoke packing crates which comply with strict regulations for import to the USA, Australia and other countries.

We also ship by air when time is of the essence.

We deal with transport within the UK and prepare all necessary paperwork such as packing lists, declarations, certificates of origin, commercial invoices and bills of lading. These are sent by courier.

Please note that as we are a UK company we quote in £s (GBP). Go to www.xe.com for current exchange rates. For sales outside Europe UK VAT (sales tax) does not apply.

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