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Global Freight Services

Shipping of Unimogs

We can arrange shipping via our experienced shipping agent who works hard to get you the best rates available. 27 years on he remains competitive and very helpful.

Shipping to the east or west coast of the USA is straightforward. The transit time is around 25 days and there are weekly sailings leaving the UK. We take care of loading and transport within the UK, customs declarations, bills of loading etc. All Unimogs sold by us come complete with a bill of sale and UK registration documents, thus enabling the Mog to be registered at its destination. We send all the necessary paperwork to the customer by UPS delivery. Please Note: We are unable to arrange onward carriage from a US port to your location from here in the UK.

We regularly ship Unimogs to many locations around the world, including Africa, Australia and South America.

Unimogs may be shipped 'Ro-Ro' (Roll-on, Roll-off) or in a container. A single Unimog fits in a standard 20’ container. Ro-Ro facilities do not exist in all ports. Ro-Ro costs are calculated by cubic metre (length x height x width) of a vehicle. This method is often more cost effective than shipping in a container. However, using a container has several advantages; the vehicle is protected from damage and theft whilst shipping and loose spare parts (e.g. spare wheels) can easily be shipped with the vehicle.

The amount of duty payable on a Unimog is dependent on how you intend to register the vehicle as well as local rules and regulations in your destination. Further information for US buyers can be found here: HARMONISED TARIFF SCHEDULE OF THE UNITED STATES

Shipping rates are subject to change same as currency exchange rates so please contact us for an up-to-date rate to your destination.

UK VAT (Sales Tax) does not apply to sales overseas (outside of the EU).

Shipping of Spare Parts

We are experienced specialists in Unimog parts and have deliveries leaving our premises every week bound for all four corners of the globe!

For smaller, lightweight parts we use couriers such as UPS/FEDEX and DHL and the Post Office. Parts can be sent to even the most remote locations within 3-5 days.

When larger or heavier parts are being sent we are able to provide economical transport by sea-freight or by air-freight when time is of the essence. All spare parts are carefully packed to avoid damage. We offer bespoke packing crates which are tailor made to ensure that all parts arrive free from damage. We use heat-treated wood to comply with regulations when sending to the USA. We send all documentation required to clear the parts though customs direct to you by courier.

UK VAT (Sales Tax) does not apply to sales overseas (outside of the EU).