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Environmental Policy

Here at Atkinson Vos we are passionate about the environment and about conserving the world's resources. The longevity of the Unimog is one of its key features, often one Unimog will outlast three inferior vehicles. It is a little thought of fact that the emissions associated with the production of a new vehicle vastly outweigh any emissions created by the vehicle during its life.

We believe that re-use is the most sincere form of recycling; to this end we make use of good quality second hand parts wherever possible and repair or recondition items where we can.

We are pleased that many of our customers share our enthusiasm, and are especially proud that we have sold several chippers which are at work producing woodchip for heating.

We source our electricity from environmentally-friendly suppliers and use energy saving light bulbs and recycled stationery in our office. All office equipment and lights are turned off each evening. Our building is very well-insulated and has large windows to make the most of heat from the sun (not that we see the sun very often up here in Bentham!) We also try to avoid using our tumble-dryer, instead hanging out our overalls on a rotary dryer.

Our dismantling area (often called the 'Surgeon's Table'!) is equipped with oil traps so that any oil or diesel spilt is collected and can be safely extracted without contaminating the soil or water-courses.

Our waste products - scrap metal, filters, oils, tyres etc. are all recycled safely under EEC guidelines. We have just invested in a workshop heater fuelled by used oil to turn this waste product into heat. We re-use all cardboard boxes, packaging and jiffy bags which we receive. All waste paper and cardboard is recycled in the village in aid of the NSPCC. Glass, plastic and tins are also recycled locally Any waste wood (from damaged pallets etc.) is burnt by Frank in his wood-burning stove (although even he struggles to keep pace during the summer months!). We even have a compost bin in our brew-room for used teabags and fruit peelings.

Several of our employees walk or cycle to work and others car-share, thus helping to keep our collective carbon footprint as low as possible.

We are always looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment and are currently investigating the viability of solar power for producing our hot water.